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Sunday, September 03, 2006

My Answer to Al Qaeda's Call

Al Qaeda Tells U.S. To Convert Or Die

The islamo-fascist propaganda machine is getting downright personal now. So, in turn, my personal reply:
  • I am washed by the Blood of Jesus. I pledge allegiance to the Lamb of God. I will worship only Him; The Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the King of the Jews, The Creator of all things.
  • There is only one God and Muhammad never had a clue.
  • I therefore unequivocally and explicitly decline. I will NEVER convert to islam. I hold the deepest contempt for the koran, islam and the muslim doctrines and traditions.
  • I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands.
  • I love America. I stand with my president. I love President Bush.
As for your threat: Bring it on. God has not given me a spirit of fear, but of power, of love and of sound mind. I will not turn on Jesus. I will not turn on America. I will not abandon my president.

I WILL, however, resist anything and everything muslim and/or islamic. I will fight it body, soul and spirit.

I will support every effort to MAKE WAR on islamo-fascism. I will support every effort to destroy what it stands for.

I pledge full allegiance to our ally, Israel. I will vote only for leaders that FULLY back Israel.

I bless America. I bless Israel. I leave you to your own curse.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Proof Positive: MSM is on the job

National Guardsman Brutally Attacked In Pierce County

It's a sad day when America's defenders have to look over their shoulders as they walk down Main St. in their OWN TOWN. What have we become? And how did it come to this?

Now let's see, '...during the assault the suspects called him a baby killer...' And the suspects are described as a white males, 20-30 years old.

Could it be that these men felt that it was their duty to set this serviceman straight? After all, don't we hear it every day; how the American and Israeli militaries have ruthlessly invaded, subjugated and destroyed the peaceful little havens of the Middle East? Right? If only America would just 'learn to get along', we wouldn't be in this mess. Right?

Get real.

The mainstream media has gone all out on this one. The left is out for blood and now we see their prize. They've set out to undermine everything American. They attack our President in any and every way they can think of. They make every effort to infect the American public with their lies and dis-information. And to what end?

Could it be to get a democrat in the White House? It seems they would sell out the entire country just to get their way. No price is too high. Who cares if a few thousand, or hundred thousand, get killed. They're just peasants anyway, right?

So they spew their poison in the hopes that some poor, unfortunate percentage buys into it. Like these five young men.

It's obvious that these men are confused. I'd bet the farm too, that none have served our country in the military. So why such hate? Well, they are repeating what we hear in the (so called) news, every day. They've bought into the lie.

The mainstream media is a leftist paradise. (and my nightmare) Their agenda is simple: Destroy America. And the actions of these five men are only a brief glimpse into the bitter reality that awaits us all if this continues.

So how do we stop it? It's simple, but not easy. Quit voting left. And make a stand for our country.

I love my country. I love my president. Even when I disagree with him, I love him. And no matter what decision he makes in the end, I stand with him. I did this too when we had a moonbat for president. This is our country. We either stand with her, or die.

If you see a problem with America, then work to help her fix it. Tearing down what others have built is not the way. If you hate this country, then leave. Go away, we won't stop you. And I won't miss you. Sorry.

America is the greatest country in the world. She stands for freedom, justice and life. The next time you feel like saying something against her, just remember this: You have the freedom to say that you hate her because AMERICA GIVES YOU THAT RIGHT. You have the right, the power and the means because you are here. America has blessed you.